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Selling Your Home?

Resale Certificate
Pennsylvania: Per the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community Act (§5407) and the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act (§3407), homeowner living in a Homeowners' Association or condominium are required to complete a Resale Certificate before selling your home.
Maryland:  Likewise, the Maryland Homeowners Association Act(§11b–106) and the Maryland Condominium Act(§ 11-135), also require that homeowners complete a Resale Certificate before selling their home.

Request a Resale Certificate
To request a Resale Certificate, please use Homewise Docs (click image linked below). The requests submitted through this website will be emailed to our office, and we will prepare the standard documents needed for this process. This includes: All Governing Documents (Declaration, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Amendments, etc.), Rules & Regulations, Design Guidelines, Budget and Financial Documents.

Things You Should Know Before Requesting Your Documents ...
  • If you are part of a multi-association (ex:Master Association and individual Association) you must obtain a resale certificate from both Associations.
    • If both Associations are managed by Community Asset Management, please place your order for the Sub-Association first. The system will then automatically link the Master Association.
  • If requesting the Resale Certificate 2 weeks or less from the settlement date, you will be required to pay a rush fee of $75 or more (depending on the time frame till closing).
  • The Resale Certificate must be requested by the Seller or the Sellers Agent.