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Homeowners have the option to pay online using one of the three payment services listed below. Set up automatic withdrawals on your account so you never miss a payment using the ACH feature on any of the three, or login monthly/quarterly to make your payment on the 1st day. Please remember that payment may take a few days to process from your account then transfer to the Community's bank account, as banks only operate on business days, and are closed for all federal holidays. This could result in a late fee if the payment is not received by the communities listed late day, however call us to inform us your payment was submit/mailed and we will cooperate with the processing.

Click Here to learn your Association ID & our Management ID, needed to pay online with Alliance Bank.

Payment Services
Zego / Tops Pay 
Homeowner Account in Tops Software
       Alliance Bank
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ACH payment, auto-pay, no fee or charges.   ACH payment (one-time or auto-pay), no fees or charges.   ACH payments (auto-pay or one-time pay), no fees or charges.
ACH one-time payments, $2.95 processing fee.   Credit card payments are subject to a transaction fee.  
Credit card payments have a 3% processing fee of the total amount being paid.
Credit card payment, 3% charge plus a $2.95 processing fee.   Blank ACH Form    

Mail payments to:
(Community Name)
c/o Community Asset Management
PO Box 96423
Las Vegas, NV 89193-6423
Please DO NOT mail payments to the York or Maryland office.

Contact The ACH/Payment Service Providers:
Click Here for contact information for the above ACH service providers.

As a reminder for the New Year & Changing in HOA Dues, YOU MUST contact your ACH Service Provider, to have them take out the new amount as we do not have the authority to do this for you because it its connected to YOUR bank account.

If you would like to Pause or Stop automatic payment withdrawal, please print and fill out one of the documents below and return to our office.